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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Teenage thief bashes cop to death while high on Methamphetamine .

Malacca: A 17year-old theft suspect, high on syabu, mercilessly bludgeoned a policeman to death in Taman Teknology
Cheng yesterday.

Shabu, or "ice" is a drug, Methamphetamine abused by addicts.

Hostility is a main characteristic of this drug. In contrast to Morphine or Heroine, Opioid class of drug, the addicts are docile or complying in character.

Hope that our police are well informed on such fact so that extra precaution is taken when dealing with such suspect .

My sympathy and condolences to the family members of Lance Corporal Zal Azri Abd Soma, 31, (pic) died on the spot of fatal head injury.

What bother me is that why this police is alone?

Is he not armed?

Although a Syabu addict is hostile, it is highly unlikely to be killed by an escaping addict.

I am sure the family of the deceased  police need an in-depth investigation to find out the actual cause and circumstance of the fatal injury. 

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