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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chin Peng RIP. Ash denied home coming stirred up more attention .

Chin Peng finally laid to rest. 

The eldest son, 王武國(Wang Woo Kok) led the funeral procession.

Well washers and friends who came to say the final goodbye, some with tears. According to Sin Chew reporter who was around the funeral for the  past few  days reported that many of his comrades gave Chin Peng revered honour still refer him as 陈总/老总(Boss Chin/ Boss Buddy)

The final funeral service was conducted in this temple in Thailand.

Chin Peng's loved ones said goodbye with tears and sadness

Chin Peng fought the Japanese during the Japanese occupation during the Second World War . 
The returning British Government honour him with medal.

He signed the Peace accord with Malaysia.

However, his wish to return to his childhood home at Sitiawan was denied in his final year alive.

Surprisingly, his remainder ash after cremation has been denied to return!


Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said that it is believed that his ash may be used to build Memorial Building, this will give Chin Peng affirmation.

What is very odd is that, after the Peace Accord many of his comrades have been allowed to return to Malaysia but he was refused .

Now his ash also is being denied entry. What a terrible joke. It has become a laughing stock. This has caused more publicity instead.

If people really want to affirm Chin Peng, his ash is not needed to build a memorial building.
Looked like Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is giving suggestion to people. With such unjust policy, I am afraid he may get what he fears.

Source: Sin Chew 24 Sept 2013

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