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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Bapa borek anak rintik 上梁不正下梁歪

Bapa borek anak rintik 上梁不正下梁歪 MACC recent active exposure corruptions in our country bring to my mind: 1. Peribahasa "Bapa borek anak rintik". As is the father so is the son. The father is Najib and the sons are those below him. 2. 上梁不正下梁歪 If the upper beam is not straight, the lower ones will go aslant.; A crooked stick will have a crooked shadow.; Fish begins to stink at the head.; If a leader, Najib is corrupted, the people below him will do the same. When MO1 is a 3 Ps (pencuri, perompak, penyamun) with the 1MDB scandal. The many officers found corrupted are not surprising to us. In fact we are thinking they are only the tip of an iceberg. This leads us to wonder, how our country would have been if it had been properly governed with people of integrity. Malaysia is reduced as a “global kleptocracy” is sufficient shame and infamy for the country! Could anyone disprove the “money trail” which the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) lawsuit to seize over US$1 billion of 1MDB-linked assets in United States, United Kingdom and Switzerland had elaborately traced in their kleptocracy cases – proving that the RM2.6 billion “donation” in Najib’s personal banking accounts came from the shoal of 1MDB-linked companies and not from any Saudi Arabian “donation”? Johor State Assembly , State Executive Councillor Datuk Abdul Latif Bandi whose son, Ahmad Fauzan and special officer Muhammad Idzuan Jamalluddin had been arrested by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) for a multi-million ringgit scandal involving kickbacks in the conversion of bumiputra housing lots to non-bumiputra lots. The seizure of 21 luxury cars, five high performance bikes and RM500,000 in cash, as well as frozen 45 accounts with over RM15.5 million in them, in the Johor land and real-estate scandal the Sabah Watergate corruption raids last October, where MACC seized more than RM114 million in cash and accounts, 19.3 kg of gold jewellery worth about RM3.64 million, some 97 designer ladies handbags worth RM500,000, nine luxury vehicles and some 127 land titles from the Director and Deputy Director of Sabah Water Department. We the people deserve the government we voted in. Be sure to do our part to vote and help the 4 million youngsters to register as voters before the end of this month.

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