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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Who is the leader?

Who is the leader?Umno-subservient to Perkasa and Isma
Perkasa- Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa- defending the rights of the ethnic Malays.
Isma - Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia
Splinter from Jamaah Islah Malaysia  (Ikram).
Isma is one of the many Muslim groups that exist in Malaysia that was inspired by another global movement called the Muslim Brotherhood.
2 potent pressure groups in Malaysia today.
The agenda of these 2 groups resonate only with Umno.
Their voices are heard in issues, such as PPSMI, the New Economic Model, Malaysia Education Blueprint , Allah debacle, Bible seizure, Syiah in Malaysia , Reintroduction of ISA.
Najib has not said anything substantive to denounce all the aggression by the 2 groups.
It is possible that Najib is in a weak position and there are others actively undermining him from within.

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