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Monday, January 6, 2014

Is Malaysia going through a-make-or-break-year?

We began 2014 with such a burden of price hikes and all of a sudden on the second day of the new year we have Jais started the "Allah" row.

"Allah" row is created by someone to distract us from the mismanagement of our nation  and may end up inadvertently destructive to our beloved nation.

As I read the article by Fareed Zacharia below I am strangely reminded how similar Malaysia is to China. 

Eg- the economy was "unstable, unbalanced, uncoordinated and unsustainable."...growth was dependent on easy money...those getting the money were politically powerful , including state-owned companies and local party bosses...people are increasingly outraged by something almost as ubiquitous : CORRUPTION ... 

Our nation that is so blessed with rich resources of land mass, (compare to Singapore-just a dot), good equitorial climate (with lot of sunshine all year and rain water-our land can grow aplenty) and most of all a good variety of human resources. A farely good educational, judiciary and governmental system left by our forebears at the time just after independent.

Just take for example, our Ringgit were one to one with Singapore dollar once, see what happened now? One Singapore Dollar to 2.6 plus Ringgit.

Not to go into detail how we have been left behind by the self cantered, corrupted politicians of UMNO/BN after half a century rule. Our nation's deficit is at the brink of bankruptcy that is why all price hikes began at a vengeance soon after the 13th General Election. 

2014 is going to turn out to be ladened  by all price hikes. We all going to suffer albeit the ordinary folks going to suffer the most. This has come about because of the mismanagement of the unending rule of UMNO/BN.

Is it not a year that we must rise up to do our part to make the difference?

Read the below for what is going on in China.

Is Malaysia going through a-make-or-break-year?

 "It always seems impossible until it's done."

By Nelson Mandela

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