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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Spinning 1MDB’s lopsided settlement

Spinning 1MDB’s lopsided settlement: P Gunasegaram Malaysiakini 2 May 2017 A QUESTION OF BUSINESS Desperation causes stupidity to rise to the fore. Take 1MDB and the way it spins its so-calIn the face of desperation, reason has been flung out the window and the increasing ridiculousness of 1MDB’s assertions, those of some ministers and even foreign news reports which appear to have been taken up by 1MDB’s propaganda machine, is a sign – if that was needed – that 1MDB is still very much in dire straits. And that much is being done deliberately to hide the extent of the problems.

Still, it will continue to haunt Najib and his administration for a long time more.

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