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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Karpal Singh speaks on his conviction.

Karpal Singh

My conviction in relation to what I have always maintained was a legal opinion, is an affront to freedom of speech. 

The decision will deter citizens from their right to question an executive decision, or even a decision made by a Ruler in his official capacity, as after the amendment to the Federal Constitution in 1993, a Special Court to try the Rulers was set up. A citizen can take a Ruler to Court. If he makes a decision affecting the rights of a citizen or a decision which is not in accordance with law, a citizen has the right to commence proceedings in the Special Court albeit he must first obtain the consent of the Attorney General. 

It is the Sedition Act 1948 which has brought about this unfortunate position. The position is compounded because the PM is on record for having said, before the last election, that the Sedition Act would be repealed. He has not lived up to his word. 

Eliminating me from the political terrain will not be the end of Karpal Singh. It will in fact lead to the rise of many Karpal Singhs!

Every citizen is required, in view of this very dangerous precedent set in my conviction, to rise up to the occasion and make it clear to the government that such encroachment to the right of a citizens freedom of expression, as ordained in the Federal Constitution, will not be lightly taken. 

People of Kajang should in the coming by-election give expression to that discontentment by ensuring that the BN candidate loses her deposit.


National Service

Since the mainstream media is not allowed to publish such news by the powers that be, please do a bit of national service by forwarding this article to your contacts on the net & ask them to repeat the process. 

Just imagine the exponential power of disseminating news in this manner. If one person sends out this message to 10 of his contacts and each of the 10 contacts in turn repeats this process of spreading the word around, by the 7th level, 1 million readers would have received the same message. This is a good deed that all right thinking Malaysians MUST do. It is our duty to save our nation.

This is one simple & powerful way where we can spread the message to the rakyat to bring about a change for a better govt. Yes

we can do it. We owe it to ourselves and to our children and their children.

Change we must. Change we can. Change we will.  


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