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Monday, October 7, 2013

Corruption- Malaysia's past not future.

Year in and year out, our 

Auditor-General's report has 

revealed so much of wastage.

The right word is corruption !

I marvel why BN use so much money to bribe people to vote and not doing the right thing to put a stop of corruption which will win votes.

Paul Low said that Government should get rid of the middle man in their projects. Hope it is done!

PM also vowed to make corruption a part of Malaysia's past and not its future. I hope he really means what he says and start to do it.

For a start to make all government tenders to be open!

Next is that he can lead his cabinet by declaring his assets!

Does he means what he says ?

Wait and see !

Dear PM,

We , the people want you to take action, action, action. Not talk.

Can you tell us how you can declare in your vow to make corruption Malaysia's past and  not it's future, Sir?

Tell us how, what steps you will take?

Thank you! 

Wish you success!

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